January 30, 2009

I Have been so busy around here just trying to keep my house in order what with all the work going on and dirt to keep a broom to. Washed my entire kitchen down from top to bottom and it looks so bright and clean. My new basement windows are installed , insulation in the attic and all the walls.The new front door is installed but has to be re-installed cause they sent one that opens on the wrong side. It was custom made and now I have to wait another eight weeks for the right one to be installed. Woe is me. I've been swimming two days a week and it really helps with the tension as I feel so relaxed afterwards. The painting is one I did way back in the "70's" Just been reminising about the past allot these days. Looking forward to spring and have the sping cleaning bug already. Peace be with you all.


  1. cool painting!!! watercolor? You can come and clean my house next.

  2. Hi Laura, it's Barb from BFS. I love your site! It inspires me to get my own was it tricky to set up? Your painting reminds me of the work of Frida Kloha (think I mispelled last name, hope you know who I mean.) Let me know if you get down this way, I'll show you my work, God bless, B