February 10, 2009

My Recent Additions

I recently got some new furnishing for the living room but now I am undecided about what color to paint the walls. I was thinking maybe a sage green or maybe a sand. The color thats on the wall now has been there for at least 15 years and I have grown tired of it even though it shows off the rich tones of the woodwork which is all original from 1912. Amazingly when I first painted them I noticed that there was only two coats of paint on them. Hard to belive , but then the original owner lived here till he died and there was only one other owner after him. If any of you out there have an idea for a color I would appreciate the input. The work on the house is on hold until the new door is delivered and the new fence which is vinyl, because it won't rot , can't be installed till spring. All in all it should be nice to have a fence thats not falling down. I have been working on a painting for my nephew and have to get another done for my grandaughter. I am not sure what I'll paint for her something with flowers I think. peace to you all... Laura


  1. Laura, I don't know if the shade behind the lace is pink, or if the lighting makes it look that way, but I've always loved the old hand-painted photos in sepia and light pink. A light pink would brighten up the room. Another option would be to glaze two shades of color-which might be really nice with your sand color choice. It's a lovely room, maybe too Victorian for my ideas.
    whoa-your art is really neat...

  2. Laura, i love your new additions. Also, the chairs that kevin picked out. Hope your feeling better soon!!! I went to get my swimsuit and realized i left it there!!

  3. Hi laura
    Love the room~~ the color is so pretty right now but the sage or sand would be pretty too (:) Love your curtain arrangement (:) hugs,Patty

  4. I agree with Deb that the pink is a bit of a lead color. A soft olive maybe....will show off the brown and probably go better with the pink than the sand.

    ps: Have a giveaway.....come visit.