May 6, 2010

I think that this bridal wreath looks stunning right now. It's so great to see all the blooming things once again. I've been busy planting and sowing and finishing up with my seventh year at B.S.F thats Bible study fellowship. One more year to graduate, but I have the summer break coming up and am heading out next week on a road trip to the east coast with my daughter. I hope to visit with my blogger friend Debra at Sparrowgrass along the way. I have been busy with church activities as well . Take a look at the banners we made in rhe pictures below. I have joined curves snd am trying to get in shape again. It's hard when you're 62 years young because the old body just isn't what it used to be and I have been suffering with back problems. But I will perservere! The Spirit willing.

The banners we made in place

overlays for the the Easter banners for pentecost

Our Easter banners 10 ft. long

detailed bottom of banners

one of a pair of banners made for church 10ft. long

Lent Banner me and a couple other women made for church