March 27, 2009

I bought myself some tulips the other day because I just had to get a little spring going and the weather changed the next day . I think Old Man Winter took the hint. I hope you all are getting a hint of Spring wherever you are. I have Muscari blooming on the south side of the house and looks like the Daffodills aren't far behind. Yeah! Been cutting down vines and trimming trees and bushes. New fence to arrive next week so I have been clearing the way. I only hope they don't trample down all my spring flowers. This has been one busy winter around here so I am looking forward to the peaceful days of summer.

March 16, 2009

My Lenox "Sugar Egg"

Just a reminder of those sweeter days when we were children and Easter was one of those really special Holidays when you got all dressed up and went to Church with the whole family..... I still go to church but without little ones around to share the joy it just isn't the same, though in the past few years I have found a deeper and more spiritual reason to celebrate in the resurection and the light.

March 11, 2009

This is a painting that I am working on. It was a request from ny nephew. I hope to get it done by summer...but It too is on hold till this other work is finished...

I have missed blogging for awhile but I have been so busy around here. I just inherited this mirror and so I had to re-decorate my room. We are also repairing the ceiling in the computer/library room so the whole house is strewn with items from there. What a mess! I tore out an old bookshelf that was made from boards and have ordered new craftsman style bookcases and a matching computer desk. I am planning to paint the walls a color called Pawnee(kind of a burnt orange) and the ceiling Dakota Hills (golden tan). The ceiling has a way to go . After this room I move on to who knows where. My art work is on hold as I cant even get to my paints....Guess I'll settle for painting walls for now and enjoy looking at all of your creations.

March 3, 2009

Dandy Finds Himself A Home

This little frog that I purchased from Debra at Sparrow Grass finds himself right at home amongst the rest of my froggie friends here in Iowa. I think he is "just dandy" Thanks Debra! Have to go now or I'll be late for my stewarship meeting at church.....