January 30, 2009

I Have been so busy around here just trying to keep my house in order what with all the work going on and dirt to keep a broom to. Washed my entire kitchen down from top to bottom and it looks so bright and clean. My new basement windows are installed , insulation in the attic and all the walls.The new front door is installed but has to be re-installed cause they sent one that opens on the wrong side. It was custom made and now I have to wait another eight weeks for the right one to be installed. Woe is me. I've been swimming two days a week and it really helps with the tension as I feel so relaxed afterwards. The painting is one I did way back in the "70's" Just been reminising about the past allot these days. Looking forward to spring and have the sping cleaning bug already. Peace be with you all.

January 24, 2009

January 15, 2009

January 13, 2009

My Heart Is Where The Flowers Grow

How exciting I just figured out how to get a slideshow up and running. All these flowers have grown in my garden. I think allot about them this time of year as the seed catalogs start to appear in the mail.

Something Blue For You

Just a little snap of my winter wonderland in blue!
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My Grandaughter Stephanie

I can hardly believe that our little Stephanie is a married woman. Seems like only yesterday she was a girl. She married her long time friend from school who is in the Airforce and will soon be joining him on base. Time sure flys !

January 12, 2009

Joan, Laura and Diane

The photo below is one of me and my beloved sisters. I have been searching all over my computer for it as I don't have many of us three together. It's kind of grainy but I cherish it anyway. I am the one in the middle, but since this was taken I now sport a full head of grey. I just decided it was time . But I am glad I have this photo to remember what I looked like then.
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January 7, 2009

Wow I actually managed to get a downloaded picture as I am rather computer illterate. I have a challanging day ahead as I prepare the living room for some new furniture and figure out how to dispose of the old piecies without too much effort. I would like to send one chair over to my church and the rest to a friends son. I hope the delivery guys will assist, otherwise I'll be stuck with a room full of furniture. I also must remove my Christmas decorations and any other pieces out of harms way. So saying this I'm on my way. Hope you all have a wonderful day

January 1, 2009

A Long Winters Night

Once upon a midnight Dearie, I looked outside and saw this clearly. We were in a winter deep, and I couldn't get myself to sleep. So I took my camera out and shot this photo of the tree outside my door, the earth it seemed was frozen to the core. But I knew that there in stillness lay those little creatures of the day. Frozen in their earthly bed. almost seeming dead, they will wake someday and come out to play in this very flower bed. I soon grew weary of the night and sent myself to bed, and soon as I lay down I heard some noises in my head, but no they were not coming from inside of me but from inside my wall is where they be. It seems those little creatures of the night were having some kind of a fight. Thump, thump, bloop, bloop, bloop, it must have been some kind of troop, probably squirrels or maybe bats. I only hope they weren't rats.