January 1, 2009

A Long Winters Night

Once upon a midnight Dearie, I looked outside and saw this clearly. We were in a winter deep, and I couldn't get myself to sleep. So I took my camera out and shot this photo of the tree outside my door, the earth it seemed was frozen to the core. But I knew that there in stillness lay those little creatures of the day. Frozen in their earthly bed. almost seeming dead, they will wake someday and come out to play in this very flower bed. I soon grew weary of the night and sent myself to bed, and soon as I lay down I heard some noises in my head, but no they were not coming from inside of me but from inside my wall is where they be. It seems those little creatures of the night were having some kind of a fight. Thump, thump, bloop, bloop, bloop, it must have been some kind of troop, probably squirrels or maybe bats. I only hope they weren't rats.

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