January 7, 2009

Wow I actually managed to get a downloaded picture as I am rather computer illterate. I have a challanging day ahead as I prepare the living room for some new furniture and figure out how to dispose of the old piecies without too much effort. I would like to send one chair over to my church and the rest to a friends son. I hope the delivery guys will assist, otherwise I'll be stuck with a room full of furniture. I also must remove my Christmas decorations and any other pieces out of harms way. So saying this I'm on my way. Hope you all have a wonderful day


  1. Beautiful picture! I think some of my comments aren't making it to you. Hope this one will. Good luck with all the moving stuff around!

  2. Thanks for your visit. Have fun packing up those decorations. Mine are in crates, now to find room for the crates......vbg.

  3. Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement...I'm always experimenting with new ideas. Some are successful and some aren't. :) LOVE your dog artwork down below...great stuff!! Have a great day!!