September 15, 2009

Tears of Joy

I have officially fininished the first piece of work in the new studio. This combination illustration and poem will be part of a traveling exhibition that the Presbytery of Eastern Iowa is having and they will auctiion off the works online next spring and give the proceeds to the flood victims here in Iowa. I am also working on a sunflower painting which I must get back to. I can feel the creative spirit starting to flow within me once again. This usually happens around my birthday which has just passed, somehow I get a resurgenge of energy this time every year. I start back to B.S.F. this Thursday and am looking forward to this semester as we are going to study John. This is to be my 7th. and final year as I will have completed the program an will graduate in May. My daughter bought me a charm braclet for my birthday that has a charm for each of the different studies made by a jeweler in Texas that has also completed the Study. I read that B.S.F. piloting a study of Isaiah and may be adding it to the cycle so I may get to have a bonus Study in the future..... The gardens are starting to look a little dry and I have been cutting down and pulling up. So the cycle goes on........

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