March 11, 2009

I have missed blogging for awhile but I have been so busy around here. I just inherited this mirror and so I had to re-decorate my room. We are also repairing the ceiling in the computer/library room so the whole house is strewn with items from there. What a mess! I tore out an old bookshelf that was made from boards and have ordered new craftsman style bookcases and a matching computer desk. I am planning to paint the walls a color called Pawnee(kind of a burnt orange) and the ceiling Dakota Hills (golden tan). The ceiling has a way to go . After this room I move on to who knows where. My art work is on hold as I cant even get to my paints....Guess I'll settle for painting walls for now and enjoy looking at all of your creations.


  1. great mirror laura! What a score.

  2. I like the blog it is very creative and I love the music, I know some one like you who bilives in fairys and is mystic she thinks that she sees fairys in her back garden too, that shows sins of art I dont know you but yyou give me the impeshion that you are a artist.........
    all the best with blog