March 27, 2009

I bought myself some tulips the other day because I just had to get a little spring going and the weather changed the next day . I think Old Man Winter took the hint. I hope you all are getting a hint of Spring wherever you are. I have Muscari blooming on the south side of the house and looks like the Daffodills aren't far behind. Yeah! Been cutting down vines and trimming trees and bushes. New fence to arrive next week so I have been clearing the way. I only hope they don't trample down all my spring flowers. This has been one busy winter around here so I am looking forward to the peaceful days of summer.


  1. That is one beautiful photograph! It could be in any home dec. magazine!! Just lovely..
    Your egg in the previous post reminded me of those huge eggs my grandma used to buy for my brother and I. They were enormous cocoanut, sickingly sweet...I think there was icing decorations too. We could never eat it...
    Love to you,