December 22, 2008

My Wonderful Journey

Clouds are mountains of the sky, they become the plain on which I walk.
As I step forward and look back, where mountains were, clouds were naught.
So forward and onward did I go, high and upward and descending low in my country of light and snow.
I stopped to rest on a rosy glow and gazed upon a great orange globe that was encompassed with a ring of solid gold suspended in a smelting pot of swirling hues, steams of turquoise and azure blues and lapis lazuli stairways too.
A dark grey cave emitting something like a violet ray tinged with gold like the wings of a giant butterfly.
All this and more did I find, on my journey in the sky,
My eyes such splendor did behold, but from my heart is where the story's told.
So I'll go down and tell some more, through the gates of heavens door.
I soon came upon the birds of wing, they came across in steady stream and disappeared through a deep blue tunnel and beyond.
I waved goodbye and journeyed on, to skate upon a silvery pond and gaze upon an ocean deeply green, to rest again upon a deep grey puff and wrap myself in pure white fluff.
As I did float in comfort sleepily, I saw such wonders, my eyes delight, from fairy creatures to ones of the height, mythical creatures made of pure light.
Soon I was woken by a swirl of wind, that threw me right from my floating plafond, and spun me around my face to the ground, and once more again I was earth bound!

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