November 8, 2008

Just last week this was the view outside and now the gold is gone and is replaced by the ever greying gloomy skies of winter. UGGGH! We have been busy around here getting some badly needed repairs scheduled , new basement windows and blown in insulation . Also on order a new front door . I think it might almost be ridiculous to have this work done now but that's how things work out here in the Galloway household. I had to do some patching on the front porch before it rotted any further. I only hope I'll have one more day warm enough to give it a coat of paint, otherwise it will have to do with just primer on it for the winter. I hope I can get it done before then but what will be,will be. I have actually been enjoying the days working at the store as I have been seeing allot of people I haven't seen for a while. I am working on another dog painting and of course spending a great deal of time in study. I'm looking forward to doing some good work this winter and also looking forward to spring!

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