June 15, 2010

Here I am on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. My Daughter and I spent 2 weeks traveling to the east coast and to New York where I met my Blogger friend Debra at Sparrow grass. I forgot to take pictures of us together but did so enjoy meeting her family and of course her geese. Went to Niagara Falls and to Michigan to visit family too. I really need to do more traveling. There are some many great places to see. While visiting Debra we explored a place call Watkins Gorge where we walked up 800 stairs and saw 19 awesome waterfalls. Debra's so blessed to live near a place like that, all I have near me is corn and bean fields. Well I do have some pretty rivers and of course the great Mississippi river about an hour away. Any way there is so much to do in my own back yard... Like weeding and tending my gardens. I recently got a commission to do a painting for a neighbor and my grandson will be coming for a visit soon.


  1. Hello, dear friend! That's a nice picture, and I love the sea creature pics too. How silly of us to not have taken pictures while you were here!!!
    I am plugging away at my weeds. I felt so bad my gardens looked a mess for you. Oh well... I'm so glad you like visiting us-we LOVED having you. I'm sending you one of my birds---hopefully I'll remember to get it in the mail this week.
    Love, Debra

  2. So very terribly jealous that you got to meet Debra and her geese. It would be great if we could all get together for a show...maybe at my sisters Inn in Vermont? Have a peaceful summer. Robin