November 17, 2009

I just got back from my vacation in Arizona where I enjoyed so many wonderful things from spa treatments to artist galleries and the scenery was awesome to say the least. I think I would like to go back out there as soon as possible where there is sunshine and something other to see than corn and bean fields. Although I loved being out there I missed my own surroundings and bed. If I could only make a home out there. My daughter treated me to this trip and I am grateful to her because it was indeed pricey. We also went to Las Vegas to see the Cirque de Solie . We saw Ka which was thrilling and had seats that were perfect. Saw Frank Lloyd Wrights Taliesin West and so now I have visited both of his schools, East and West. The red rocks of Sedona were amazing and we enjoyed a drive through the dessert in our rented convertible Mustang. I bought a book on painting with vibrant colors at a gallery in Sedona and am anxious to experiment with some new methods. All in all it's good to be home.

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  1. Laura, glad to see you had a fabulous trip. The spa was wonderful i'm sure. Lets get together soon.